Occupational Therapy

We all have a kind of aversion toward our daily routines. Children are no exception. Life would seem boring. School may seem like hell. Teachers may seem like villains. Bell sound at 9 AM might be irritating and bell at 4 AM would be exciting. So, there are various unpleasant things they may find in their daily routines, that cause intangible discomfort and they may find it hard to go, do their daily duties.

When there is a lack or lag in doing our responsibilities and duties, Occupational therapy comes into picture. Occupational therapy is nothing but optimizing our occupations (jobs, duties) amid disabilities and distractions. This type of treatment can help children overcome pain, injury, illness (if any), or a disability that makes it hard for them to doing job or schoolwork, caring for themselves, moving around with people, or involving in social activities.

Occupational therapy is done by an Occupational therapist. An occupational therapist teaches you how to adapt to situations. It can help the children perform any kind of task at school, or in home. Kids will learn how to use tools if they need those.

Occupational Therapist who is also called as health professional will come up with ways to change child’s movements convening them to do their tasks, take care of themselves or their home, play games and stay active.

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